Old Bildad Baptist Church Cemetery

Old Bildad Baptist Church Cemetery in Keltonburg, Smithville, Tennessee

Today I’m venturing away from home and farm and going next door to Smithville, Tennessee; specifically to the community of Keltonburg. I have always said, as strange as it may sound, that when I cross the Warren-Dekalb County line, I have an odd sense of having come home. Considering both my parents are natives of Dekalb County, Tennessee, and lived there until their adulthood, the majority of my parents’ siblings…

Old House 1

Holy Moly Batman! Where Did The Old House Go?

Brian and one of his buddies went over to the farm on Saturday because the guy was interested in recovering some wood from the old house but it turns out he was just about too late. When we purchased the property in February, I had told a few people (okay, so it was all of my Facebook ‘friends’) they could pick some wood or whatever from the old house but…

Our Farm

Our Journey Begins

Today it became official. The dream Brian and I shared since before we even knew each other is finally set in motion to become a reality. On February 9, 2015 (Biggest Brother’s 23rd birthday, by the way), we became the proud owners of 22 acres of land along the banks of Dog Branch. This is exactly the type of place we wished to raise our children; unfortunately, three of the…